Crank6 Lemon Tiger


Diving Depth: 1 to 2.5m / Weight: 7 gram / Length: 6 cm (2.3inch) / Treble size 8


The Crank6 is a small 6 cm (2.3 inch) crankbait with a nervous swimming action.
Perfect for catching perch, asp, zander, pike and other predator fish that hunt for small baitfish.

You can easily use it for casting, trolling and twitching. The Crank6 is suspending, it will stay at the same level when you do a spinstop, perfect to trigger the fish even more to bite!

The Crank6 is available in unique color combinations, handpainted by Mister.

Product information:

* Crank6
* Weight: 7 gram
* Diving Depth: 1 to 2.5m
* Sharp Treble Hooks size 8
* Type: crankbait


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