Mister Predator Lures are high quality handmade lures that are build with passion, eye for detail and the greatest accuracy possible.

If your lure doesn’t have the quality you’ve expected, please contact me.

A few thing to keep in mind:

  • Not one lure is exactly the same. All lures are unique, colors are handmixed so small differences may occur, of course reduced to an absolute minimum.
  • Weights may vary slightly per lure, also reduced to an absolute minimum (a few grams)
  • Leadertype and weight have influence on the sinkrate of the lure. All baits are tested with a 49 strand leader with a crosslock snap. These are available in the shop.
  • Trebles also have influence on the sinkrate. All jerkbait lures are tested with Gamakatsu treble 13b. Take the Zapper-tail for example, put on 1/0 trebles instead of size 1 trebles and you got a more sinking lure that can be fished deeper.
  • I know the holy grale is suspense jerkbaits, well let’s kick in the door! Sorry there is no such thing. It’s either slow sink or slow float. Every angler has its own preferences when it comes to trebles, leadermaterial, snaps and rings. And all those factors have influence on the sinkrate of a lure. Temperature is also a big sinkrate changer .
  • When you learn how to use the bait, it will increase your catches I’m sure! That’s the reason why I test my lures in clear water to see how they will perform!

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